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Soul Coaching 2017-09-21T00:10:25+00:00

Soul Coaching

  • Skype / Phone / Facetime / In-Person

Guidance & Coaching will help you with…

  • Recognizing, understanding and transforming negative patterns and behaviours into strengths and positive beliefs
  • Challenges in different areas of your life
  • Your own spiritual journey
  • Your aspirations and goals

This coaching and mentoring program is designed to work with you on a longer term basis in order to establish consistent and solid framework for your inner transformation.  Joanna works with you by gently guiding you towards your chosen goal while helping you overcome your mental and emotional blocks and establishing healthy and strong patterns, these will ultimately lead you to a more positive frame of mind that lead to positive experiences while leaving you feeling stronger, more empowered individual.  These sessions are a combination of practical work on your emotional and mental state while receiving guidance from Spirit.

This service combines aspects of my practice in hypnotherapy, counselling, Mediumship, intuitiveness and coaching.

If you are looking for a one-time session (reading), please book the Mediumship Consultation by clicking on the booking link below.

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In Person Sessions

Please contact me directly, you will have the option to pay with CDN funds.

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