I have included the below information to help answer the most common questions and concerns:


The simple answer is this ‘BE AT LEAST OPEN’. A ‘reading’ involves energy, if you are blocked, it will be extremely difficult for me to get through that energy, I cannot ‘force’ you to be open. I also cannot (and it is not my intent) to prove anything to you, if you are convinced there is nothing beyond this physical world, it is your free will and Spirit will not take that away from you. If you have chosen to be a ‘non-believer’ in this lifetime, that in itself carries lessons for you, however, being skeptical is healthy. If you come to the session with a “I’m going to test you’ as in ‘prove it to me’, it will be extremely difficult for me to tune in and you won’t get as much out of your session.  Simple answer is BE OPEN.

If you are putting and effort in booking a session with me, there is at least SOME part of you that wants to believe, otherwise you wouldn’t bother.

Spirit will always give you what you need, not necessarily what you want, so be open and relax.

CAN I RECORD MY SESSION?2018-11-20T01:44:52+00:00

I record all my sessions, currently all phone, FaceTime and Skype sessions are recorded and emailed to you as an MP3 file, you are welcome to record on your end as well.  In some situations where I receive information with a future component, it will not make sense to you at the time, referring to your recording at a later time greatly helps. In addition, certain information may not make sense to you at the time, but it will make sense later when you listen to your recording.

CAN I BRING QUESTIONS?2018-11-20T01:49:26+00:00

Absolutely yes! However, my preference is that I know NOTHING about you other then your name and your contact information prior to your session, but have a list ready. More often then not, your questions will be answered without you having to ask me. I always allow few minutes at the end to address questions that were not mentioned in the reading.

I always make a point of making sure you understand what is being said, if you do not understand something, please let me know and I will ask Spirit for further clarification, sometimes it’s a matter of Spirit re-wording a message for it to “click” with the client.

Be clear with your intention and your question.  Eg. “Will I ever be in a relationship” is not clear enough, “What can I do to be in a healthy and a committed relationship” is much clearer.

DO YOU WORK WITH CURSES?2017-06-17T16:33:56+00:00

I do not, and if someone asks you to pay money to remove a curse, my suggestion would be to run in the other direction.


No, I do not. My passion is to EMPOWER YOU, and that means that my intention is to bring forth information that is helpful and enlightening.  These messages are filled with love, peace, hope and positivity and most importantly are intended to give you what you NEED MOST in order to move forward on your journey in the best possible way. If you cannot change an outcome of a ‘bad’ situation, there is no point in you knowing it. I do not work with fear.  I work with the energy of peace and love. Does that mean Spirit will not be honest with you pertaining to difficult situations in your life or ‘beat around the bush”? Not at all, far from it, but what it does mean is the information will be presented to you in a way that will help foster understanding, acceptance, healing and ultimately peace.

ARE YOU 100% ACCURATE?2018-11-20T01:54:27+00:00

No medium/psychic is 100% accurate as it all is based on our interpretation using human words, sometimes a message may get ‘lost in translation’. If someone tells you they are 100% accurate, I am afraid they are not being honest. (Though I feel very blessed to have a very high level of accuracy as reported by my clients, no medium/psychic is 100%).

DO YOU READ FACES OR BODY FOR CLUES?2017-06-17T16:32:13+00:00

No I don’t, as a matter of fact, my eyes are often closed as it is easier for me to perceive the information I receive from Spirit. I will tune into your energy (how you are feeling, emotional blocks, etc), but for that I do not need eyes. It is why phone or in person readings are no different (to me), they may be to the client as one-on-one session may feel more intimate, but for me it is all the same.

DO YOU READ TAROT CARDS?2018-11-20T02:03:22+00:00

I am not a  ‘traditional tarot reader’, which means that my most natural (and most comfortable) way of communicating with Spirit is through the ‘sixth sense’ (psychic seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing).  I rely on my intuitive skills for all my Spirit communication.

I have various other tools that I may use depending on the situation (like tarot and divination cards), usually I am guided to specific decks in order to give the most comprehensive messages.


Yes, you can, and more often then not, they will be waiting for you before you arrive. Sometimes however, a certain individual in Spirit may not be present at a particular session but be present at another time, this seems to be rather rare. There are countless of reasons for this,  however it does NOT mean they do not love you or are not around you. As a medium, I cannot guarantee a specific Spirit will come through,  no reputable medium can guarantee this.  Be open, as regardless of who comes through, they always have important information to share with you.

WHO WILL TALK TO ME?2018-11-20T02:12:26+00:00

That depends on each and every session. Although I always work with a team of ‘experts’ in the Spirit world, I will connect with either of the following:  your loved ones,  Spirit guide/s,  pets, healers, or a combination of all of these.

CAN SPIRIT TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO?2018-11-20T02:19:28+00:00

Please note that my work is highly focused on helping you be and EMPOWERED INDIVIDUAL, this means that the aim is to help you understand yourself better so that you can CONSCIOUSLY live a more fulfilling life.  Spirit will offer you guidance and help you understand aspects of yourself that keep you stuck, all of which will help you be better equipped to handle your life’s ups and downs.  At no point will Spirit tell you what to do, this would defy the basic principle of free will.  You are ultimately responsible for every choice you make, therefore it is important that you fully understand what drives you, most of which is hidden beyond your awareness.


Much of your future is dependent on what you think, all of which stems from what you believe.  When you shift your awareness, you will often shift your beliefs which will change the way you think, this in turn will shape your new future.  There are some things that are laid out for you in terms of your life’s path, however, more then you can possibly realize is based on what you currently believe about yourself and the world,  therefore it is important for you to recognize your patterns which will help you clearly see your beliefs, you can then decide your future by deciding to change what you believe.

CAN YOU PREDICT FUTURE?2018-11-20T02:39:12+00:00

I am not a fortune teller.  Spirit will offer you guidance and future probable outcomes based on your individual situation but only IF it is of benefit to you.  Also, please remember that much of your future is in your hands.

If you are looking for a ‘quick fix’ or for Spirit to tell you what to do without any openness to self-reflection, I may not be the right person for you.  My work concentrates on helping you recognize your old patterns, behaviours and blockages that stand in the way of you living your full potential, and although Spirit will show you, in most cases, probable future components, it is not meant to be a ‘quick fix’ but rather to show you how who you are today will effect you tomorrow, and if you don’t like what you see, what you can do to change it.