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Over the years as a clinical hypnotherapist, I have been lucky to have been part of some amazing past life regressions with my clients in Vancouver.   Some have been royalty, some have been in Ancient Rome or Atlantis, others have been ordinary folk going about their business.  I have taken people back into their past and also to meet their Soul Group.  Regression can work to eliminate  fears and phobias, it can also help you gain greater prospective on your current life.

What Is Past Life Regression?

There are many myths and misconceptions about what Past Life Regression actually is and what happens, and these have been further confused by “stage hypnosis”. The one thing you can be assured of is most anyone can be regressed.  Regardless of your personal faith or belief, regression can work for you through gentle and relaxing hypnosis.  Have you ever heard the phrase “I am sure I am paying for something in a past life” when things are not going quite right for you, or perhaps you have met a stranger and felt that you knew them, maybe you have visited a place and had that feeling of deja vu?  People and places are important part of our lives that help us in our life’s journey.  Sometimes we bring traumatic experiences into this life from a past life, resulting in irrational fears, phobias or behaviour.  With the help of regression, these challenges can be effectively dealt with.  Millions of us believe that we experience many lifetimes and there are certainly plenty of books available on the subject.